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Кошечка Пуррл.

Только что прибывших из Парижа, встречайте новых горячих моделей от модельного агенства "Catwalk kitties"!

From the sizzling hot runways of Paris, meet the newmodels of the Catwalk kitties Modelling Agency. Sleek, chic, and tres' magnifique, these fabulous felines do everything with poise and style. But these kitties aren't just pretty faces, they're so much more... bringing each of their unique personalities and exciting fashions from all over the world right from the runway to you.

So get ready to strike a pose and strut your stuff because every trend starts on the Catwalk...

Purrl posesare always purr-fect! Posh, pretty Purrl is the poster girl for high style and high society. A debutant from London, Purrl is the definition of a pure bred sophisti-cat.

(не знаю как это всё грамотно перевести, если кто поможет - буду благодарна)